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VNUS is promoted by professionals having vast experience in industry, technology, manufacturing and renewable energy areas. VNUS believes in green solutions and preserving nature in pristine form so that our future generations can enjoy, maintain and improve upon the same. VNUS has Strategic Alliances with several reputed sources for technology, products and solutions.

VNUS Our key product – Solar Water Heater of Evacuated Tube type is sourced from world class manufacturing facilities.We offer complete range of products based on Evacuated tubes that offer high efficiency,reliability and which can be used in all weather conditions.

VNUS offers Solar PV / Lighting solutions for both homes and offices – providing “Energy Security” to the user when properly managed. This includes integration of Solar PV system into the existing grid connection and deploying LED lighting to reduce energy demand.
The IEA defines energy security as “the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price”.

VNUS now offers high quality “enamel” lined tanks for solar water heaters - which virtually last a life time.

"While fossil fuel technologies are more mature, renewable energy technologies are being rapidly improved. So innovation and ingenuity give us the ability to constantly increase the efficiency of renewable energy and continually reduce its cost.”

-Al Gore- Our Choice, 2009

Services Offered:

Besides the products on offer, VNUS specializes in the following areas:
  • System sizing of Solar Water Heaters – for both domestic and large scale installations
  • Recommending suitable type of Solar water heaters – either Evacuated Vacuum tube type(ETC) or Flat plate collector type (FPC)
  • Recommending appropriate solution to customers after detailed discussions (in particular large scale / project applications)
  • Suggesting / offering solutions for Hard Water problems – which are detrimental to Solar water installations
  • Solar Lighting solutions – for individual customers and large scale applications
  • Water conservation and management

Background & Approach:

The chief promoter of VNUS has extensive experience in the field of renewable energy having worked in large organizations.He was also responsible for starting a few industries manufacturing Solar Water Heaters using state of the art facilitiesin the role of an advisor. He has also travelled widely and has extensive network in this field. He is also currently an advisor to a few organizations involved in Solar Energy.
The prime focus of VNUS is to provide environment friendly, efficient and cost effective solutions to the customer and also assist in maintaining the system in optimum condition through the life of the product. Customers – individuals or institutions are welcome to approach VNUS seeking solutions in the above said service areas (Please feel free to contact us over e-mail or telephone numbers mentioned under CONTACT).

Vision & Mission :

The MISSION is to provide high quality and reliable Solar based devices followed by efficient service support. The secondary mission is to propagate application of solar and other renewable energy products and solutions as alternate to conventional sources.
The long term VISION is to be a reputed and reliable source of Solar energy equipment and services.