Solar Energy Solutions

Pratyaksha Daiva

Solar Facts:

  • Solar energy is a term generally attributed to the methods for obtaining energy from the sun. However wind, biomass and hydro power are all forms of solar energy. Wind develops through highs and lows in temperature. Wind drives waves. Rainfall, created by sun-warmed evaporated water feeds the rivers that are sources for hydro power.

  • Solar energy is successfully being used for cooking, cooling, heating, communications, driving space craft, lighting and many more purposes.

  • Even fossil fuels are forms of stored solar energy. Coal, oil and gas formed hundreds of millions of years ago from decomposed plant matter. Plant matter that grew by aid of the sun!

  • Solar energy is gaining increasing importance in industrially developed countries as well as developing countries alike, as the use of fossil fuels has become problematic, with its effects of global warming and pollution. Fossil fuel reserves are limited whereas renewable energy sources, by definition, are not.

  • Solar is the Latin word for sun—a powerful source of energy that can be used to heat, cool, and light our homes and businesses. That's because more energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is used by everyone in the world in one year.

Solar Water Heaters – ETC Type:

Hinduism has a profound understanding of the power of Sun or ‘Surya’. Here is what our Vedas say:

“In Vedism, Surya is known as the visible form of God known as ‘Pratyaksha Daiva’ as everyone can see every day. He is also known as ‘Sarva Jagat Sarva Sakshi’ – which means that He is an eternal eye witness to all the things happening in the entire world. He is aware of everything that happens in the world and none can escape from His gaze. Furthermore, Surya is also considered as form of Vishnu, and hence is also called Surya Narayana. He is also considered as and known as ‘Daiva Choodamani’ (Means a Jewel among Gods) as he is also the benevolent giver and sustainer of Life, Light and Warmth. It is because of His grace and generosity that the world has light and warmth which are two essential necessities of life sustenance.”

“The Lord who sees physically everything in the course of his daily round over the universe and who fully understands the truth behind all things, not only regarded as ‘Pratyaksha Daivam’ but also the source and sustainer of all life. The people who perform ‘Suryanamaskra’ recite Maha Soura and Aruna Manthras containing Powerful beejasharas of Rig-Veda and Yazurveda for giving good health, so that it is said that “Arogyam Bhaskaradhischet”. The mantra of Hymn is a spiritual formula hormonating sound, which always protects the register in every day. This is the secrecy of the Sun God Worship. Sunday is considered as most auspicious day to Sun God Worship.”