Solar Energy Solutions


VNUS Solar Water Heater (ETC):

  • Tube :

    Al-SS-Cu / triple coated – Dia 47 x 1500 & 58 x 1800
  • Frame :

    Coated Galvanized steel 1.5mm / 30° Angle; Bolt material SS304; Integrated Aluminium Reflectors – as standard
  • Inner Tank :

    SS304 / SS316 - 0.5 mm thick
  • Outer Tank :

    Al-Zn Coated steel / SS304 2B - 0.45 mm thick

Feature Highlights:

5 Year

PUF Insulation
60 mm


Inner Tank SS /
Glass Enamel


Copper Coated
Vac. Tubes

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SS304 Systems

Inner tank material SS304 stainless steel & outer tank material powder coated steel or Alum-Zinc steel (Suited for normal applications)

SS316 Systems

Inner tank material SS316 stainless steel & outer tank material SS304 stainless steel (Suited for slightly hard water applications)


Top tank and electric back-up heater Also systems available on request - sizes above 300 LPD and also for severe hard water applications

Solar Water Heaters – Enamel tanks (FPC Type):

VNUS offers high quality Glass Lined Enamel tanks with Flat Plate Collectors (FPC). These can be used for both pressurized and non-pressurised applications. The enamel tanks can be used under extreme hard water applications.

Solar PV Systems:

VNUS offers solutions under both ‘On-grid’ and ‘Off-grid’ solar PV systems.
System Sizes: VNUS can offer up to 10kWp under these two types with configurations to suit individual needs. Roof space required for installing solar panels is about 100sft per kWp. Higher sizes can be offered on request.
VNUS does detailed site survey and offers complete engineered solutions to meet applications. Detailed information exchanges are held with customers and they are educated about merits and demerits as part of the project – prior to order finalization.

On-grid system:

The On-grid system comprises of Solar PV Panels and a Grid tie inverter integrated in to existing grid connected system through a ‘Net Meter’ instead of a conventional meter. Refer diagram A for system configuration and operation.
Some state governments offer incentives for supply of surplus power to grid under special schemes.

Off-grid system:

The Off grid system consists of solar PV Panels, Batteries and a Solar Inverter known as PCU – Power conditioning unit. These systems can operate independent of grid power supply – as standalone systems. But where power supply is available, they can receive grid current for charging batteries under situations when solar energy is low or when consumption exceeds supply. These systems can provide un-interrupted power supply under normal conditions. Refer diagram B for system configuration and operation.

Solar Power Conditioning unit (PCU):

The Solar Power Conditioning unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a grid charger. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank either through solar or Grid/DG set. The PCU continuously monitors the state of battery voltage, solar power output and the loads. Due to sustained usage of power, when the battery voltage falls below a preset level, the PCU will automatically transfer the load, to the Grid/DG power and also charge the Battery.
The Solar panels generate DC current during day time from solar radiation which is routed to the Batteries through the PCU.
Once the Batteries are charged to the preset level, the PCU cuts off the Grid / DG power from the system and will restore to feeding the loads from the battery bank & also restore to charging the battery from the available solar power. The PCU always gives preference to the Solar Power and will use Grid/DG power only when the solar power/ battery charge is insufficient to meet the load requirement.
The unit enables maximum use of SOLAR POWER, while ensuring that power supply never gets compromised due to low power availability from Solar.

LED Lighting Solutions:

VNUS offers LED lighting solutions as part of Solar PV system integration or in isolation to optimize or reduce energy demand. LED lights are now well established lighting options over conventional incandescent bulbs, CFL lamps, conventional tube lights, mercury vapor lamps, and sodium - vapor lamps etc., used in homes, offices and public spaces. Besides reducing energy consumption by nearly 60 -70%, LED Lights have significantly extended life of around 50,000 hours and also operate under wide voltage fluctuations.

D.light lanterns:

VNUS is now Channel Partner of world renowned d.light Energy offering various high quality Solar lanterns – portable ( .
Please contact VNUS for bulk supplies

LED Lighting Solutions:

VNUS offers SOLAR - LED lanterns in the range of 2.5 – 3.5W These are highly reliable and rugged lanterns that come with 3Wp and 5Wp solar panels respectively and provide a back up of over 4 – 5 hours on a full day solar charge.